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Data Pipeline Local Setup

This guide will help you setup a local Python Environment to develop additional functionality or convert designer friendly sheets into machine readible sheets used by IdleKit.


  1. Install Anaconda - Anaconda | Individual Edition

  2. (Windows) Open anaconda command prompt / (Mac) open Terminal. Run the following commands:

    (Optional) Create a new environment using Python 3.9, replace "myenv" with desired name

    conda create --name myenv python=3.9

    (Optional) Set the environment to the new one just created, replace "myenv" with desired name conda activate myenv

  3. Install pandas package

    conda install pandas

  4. Install pip package

    conda install pip

    Launch Spyder through the Anaconda Navigator to access the code. We recommend using the latest Spyder 4.x version (since the new 5.0 version is not good…). We also recommend using Spyder rather than PyCharm since it is a lot more user-friendly for debugging.

  5. In the Spyder kernel, type the following to install the pygsheets package.

    pip install pygsheets

    (If using PyCharm) Run main and PyCharm will alert you to set up a Python Interpreter. Click the button to open the Python Interpreter settings. Choose the gear wheel on the top left and select “Add”. Select “Conda Environment” → “Existing environment” → and choose the environment you’ve created previously. Now run main again and it should compile and run without errors.

  6. You will need to setup credentials with Google in order for your script to access Google Sheets. We use pygsheets as the underlying library to access Google Sheets.

    A great tutorial on how to setup the access file can be found here.

  7. Open Spyder. We recommending using version 4 as of 2021.

  8. Navigate in the Folders tab in Spyder to the directory containing and your authorization file and update the test UIDs. You can use the entire URL of the Google Sheet you would like to convert.

  9. The main game for the Data Pipeline is typically titled Episodes Template

    Enter the URL for the Episodes Template and run the script.

    Beamable sheets will be updated.