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Setting Up IdleKit for the Showcase project

IdleKit is a front-end game logic framework built in Unity and C# to allow you to quickly prototype and implement an idle genre game.

The IdleKit Showcase project is our demo project demonstrating the core functionality of IdleKit. It comes with a number of examples and a full scene that demonstrates most of the IdleKit functionality.

Before starting, ensure that you have installed Unity LTS 2020.3.X, and that you have requested access to IdleKit Github spaces.

The following pages will explain the next steps to get started:

  1. Setting up GitHub
  2. Modify the Unity Package Manager file Packages/manifest.json.
  3. Setup Beamable access within Unity
  4. Setup Beamable within Google Sheets and push data to Realm
  5. Start the showcase project and welcome to using IdleKit!

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