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Setting up GitHub

The IdleKit Showcase project consists of two repositories working together to form a complete project. Both repositories are necessary to successfully build and run the project.


Your specific repository URLs may be different. They will be forked into your own GitHub space for access. If you are using GitLab, BitBucket, or any other source control service, we will give you access to the IdleKit repositories via GitHub, and you can mirror these repositories into your own. If this does not work with your workflow, reach out to IdleKit support via Slack or email, and we will find a solution that works best for you.

The IdleKit repositories are available through GitHub. You may find them in the following locations: * Idlekit: * Showcase:

If you current do not have access to the repositories for IdleKit, please reach out to IdleKit support via Slack or email.

Once you have access to the repositories, you'll need to configure your github account to connect with SSH.

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