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IUserSavedData is the ISavedData for the player specific saved data not related to any IEntity. This is used to store player preferences like their current Avatar, and also references to the currently active IContent, and timestamps of the players last active time in each IContent. Those timestamps are used in combination with the IProjectionService to calculate generator payout when returning to a specific IContent or IEventContent.

Last Activity Time

SetLastActivityTime is set through the LogLastActiveTimeStateAction state action. This is called whenever saved data is serialized which generally occurs when: * the application is paused or ended * the stage is advanced * on a timed interval (by default every 5 seconds).

This sets the last active time of the current IContent (specified by the ContentId). If the ContentId is null then no timestamp is saved. GetLastActivityTime returns the timestamp of the last user activity in the currently active IContent. This is generally called when an IContent is loaded.


The isNew property returns true if this is a new player, and should be used to show FTUE content like intros and tutorials the first time a player enters the game. It is set to false through the NewUserStateAction action, which should be fired in your IStartup implementation.



IUserSavedData inherits from ICloudSavedData so that the BeamableSerializer will save this data as unstructured JSON instead of in the Beamable inventory system. ISavedData holds most of the base functionality for saving and loading content.