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The IModifierService provides logic to apply the effects of Modifiers on Modifiables. It maintains an IModifierCache that contains all active Modifiers, Modifiables, and ModifierFormulas. The service can retrieve Modifier and Modifiable objects using their instanceId or the various helper methods in the service.

Adding / Removing Modifiers and Modifiables

In IdleKit's concrete implementation of ModifierService, the service subscribes to EntityAddedAction. The ModifierService reacts to Entities as they are added and removed by the Entity Loader Service". Added Entities are registered with the service and added to the ModifierCache. The service also subscribes to EntityRemovedAction where removed entities are unregistered and uncached. This results in a cache that only contains currently loaded entities. Internally, the ModifierCache keeps several organized lookups to provide quick and efficient access.

This is how added Entities are registered in the ModifierCache:


The service does not introduce any dependencies and there are no dependencies between the IModifier, IModifiable Entities, and the service.


The ModifierCache is used by the ModifierService to store and retrieve Modifiers and Modifiables. It has various methods that return these Entities based on different parameters. While it is possible to resolve the ModifierCache itself, it is recommended to use the ModifierService instead so that the concrete implementation of the ModifierCache class can be easily altered.

Applying Modifiers

Modifiers are applied to Modifiables via the ApplyModifiers<TModifierFormula>() methods. These methods take a ModifierFormula type and a reference to a value. The ModifierFormula then applies the effects for each relevant Modifier to the value.

In the case where the ModifierService is queried for information on a Modifier, Modifiable or ModifierFormula the cache does not contain, it does not alter the original value.

ModifierService Dependencies


See IdleKit.BaseCollectorEntity.GetModifiedPayout() for a sample implementation using Modifiers.

  • IModifierService.ApplyModifiers() is called, passing a Modifiable (e.g. IGeneratorEntity) and a value (e.g. the generator's payout) which is to be modified.
  • The IModifierService then retrieves the IModifierFormula of the specified type (e.g. GeneratorPayoutModifierFormula).
  • The IModifierService then gets the list of Modifiers that affect the IModifiable from the IModifierCache (e.g. UpgradeableCurrencies associated with the generator).
  • Apply() is then called on the IModifierFormula, which generates the modified amount.

See Modifiers for more information on the Modifier and Modifiable Entities.