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IdleKit provides Currency trading functionality via the Trade Entity. Trade allows players to exchange one type of ICurrency for another. This functionality is often used to allow players to exchange their excess common Upgradeable Currencies for soft (or any other type of) Currency.



Each Trade Entity contains two arrays of input and output Tag Datas. At runtime, when CalculateCurrencyAmounts(System.Int32) is called, these input and output Tags are converted into concrete input and output Currencies. This method also randomly selects which of these concrete input/output Currencies to offer for exchange. After this, the MakeTrade method can be called to perform the actual exchange of the Currencies.


CalculateCurrencyAmounts(System.Int32) must be called prior to calling MakeTrade. If this is not performed, then the IsValid check will fail and no exchange can be made.

Valid Trades

A Trade must be valid before an exchange can be made. This is indicated via the IsValid method. A Trade may be invalid for a number of reasons:

  • There are no input Currencies loaded that match the input Tag Ids specified.
  • There are no output Currencies loaded that match the output Tag Ids specified.
  • None of the possible input Currencies are affordable.
  • None of the input Currencies are Available or Obtained.
  • None of the output Currencies are Available or Obtained.

Multiple Tags

The Trade Entity supports the ability to specify multiple input/output Tags, which allows for specializing the types of ICurrency that are offered by the Trade. For example, a trade may specify that eligible input Currencies should include both the Rare and Generator Tags. To do so, the Tag Ids for these currencies would be specified via the InputCurrencyTagIds array. The same functionality can be applied to output currency Tags.


Specifying multiple input or output Tags narrow down the eligible Currency that is randomly chosen by the Trade. If you wish to have two different tagged input Currency trades for the same output Currency, two Trade Entities should be created.


The cost to the player in making an exchange via a Trade is calculated based on the Input Amount specified. The amount of output Currency received by the player is then dictated by the Exchange Rate for the Trade which is specified via ExchangeRateMultiplierId". For more information, refer to Exchange Rate Multiplier.


TradeData is the data used by the Trade Entity. This is where the Ids for the input/output Tag Ids, the input cost of the Trade and the Exchange Rate Id would be specified.