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Timed Activatable

A Timed Activatable is a controller that activates and deactivates another IActivatable using timer functionality. A Timed Activatable is an IActivatable and an ITimerListener.




ITimedActivatable extends IActivatable and ITimerListener. An ITimedActivatable controls an activatable's activation and deactivation. Examples of Activatables that are well-suited to be contained within a Timed Entity include Goals, Tracks, or even other Timed Activatables.

When a Timed Activatable is activated, it activates its child Activatable and subscribes to the ITimerService for a specified duration. When the duration is over, it deactivates its child Activatable and unsubscribes from the ITimerService. A Timed Entity essentially controls an Activatable so that it is only available for a certain period of time.


To create a Timed Activatable, you must provide data for an Activatable and TimedActivatableData, which contains the id of the Activatable. For example, to create a Timed Goal, you must provide data for a Goal and a TimedActivatableData which contains the goal's id.


The Activatable contained within a Timed Activatable should only be manipulated by the Timed Activatable. This avoids any unexpected changes to its saved data. For example, if a Goal was manipulated by a Timed Activatable and a Goal Track.


ITimedTrack is an ITimedActivatable whose Activatable is an ITrack. ITimedTrack allows for the collection of unclaimed rewards once the TimedTrack's duration is over. The concrete TimedGoalTrack and TimedMilestoneTrack implementations determine the rewards that can be claimed.