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An IStoreUpgradeableCurrencyCollection contains a selection of Upgradeable Currencies that a player could purchase using in-game Currency. The IStoreUpgradeableCurrencyCollection changes on a per- stage basis, allowing designers to control the Upgradeable Currencies offered at different points in the game.


Offered Currencies

The IStoreUpgradeableCurrencyCollection only offers Available and Obtained Upgradeable Currencies for purchase and will always offer the most newly obtained Upgradeable Currency. The Collection also refreshes the currency pool after a set duration.


The cost of an Upgradeable Currency in the Collection is determined by its Rarity. Each Rarity has a default exchange value" and a default ramping increment". The cost of the Upgradeable Currency is the default exchange value, plus the ramping increment multiplied by how many times the Currency has been purchased in that Collection's refresh. These values can also be overridden on the individual Upgradeable Currency's data.


mg_upgradeable_global01 is an Upgradeable Currency available for purchase. It has an epic rarity with a default exchange value of 50 and a default ramping increment of 5. Therefore, the base cost of mg_upgradeable_global01 is 50, since the default exchange value is 50 and there is no ramping increment applied yet. Every time mg_upgradeable_global01 is purchased, its cost goes up by 5, so the second mg_upgradeable_global01 purchased will cost 55.