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Reward TimeSkipReward
Inheritance N/A
Example Get 4 hours of automated Generator earnings.
Description This reward uses TimeSkipRewardData and a duration to determine how much currency to grant the player. This reward leverages the IProjectionService for this calculation so that the amount of currency granted is equivalent to what the player would gain from playing the game for that period of time, including the effect of timed boost expiry.
Restrictions TimeSkipRewards can only be granted if the player has at least one automated generator to guarantee a payout.
Has fallback false
Sets available false
Sets obtained false
Remarks Although named TimeSkipReward, the reward does not alter the state of the game (e.g. cooldowns for boosts, store timed rewards, etc.). It simply grants the player the projected earnings from automated generators. CalculateAndCacheRewards should be called when the purchase dialog UI is opened to get the currency amounts the user will receive when the reward is granted, then GrantRewardStateAction.CalculateRewards() should be called when the player accepts the purchase to give out the cached amount.

Reward Logic