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Reward AscensionReward
Example Get 1 - 5 Soft Currency for score >= 5, 10 - 20 Hard Currency for score >= 10
Inheritance N/A
Description This reward uses AscensionRewardData combined with an AscensionScore to determine what rewards to give the player as they move from one Stage to the next. AscensionRewardData contains a list of AscensionRewardGroups. The rewards in the highest group the player reaches will be granted. A higher AscensionScore should mean the player will get more rewards.
Restrictions See Remarks
Has fallback See Remarks
Sets available See Remarks
Sets obtained See Remarks
Remarks This reward type acts as a wrapper around other rewards. The internal rewards may have their own restrictions and potentially not get granted when this reward is claimed. Using CurrencyRewards will solve this potential issue since they can always be claimed. The alternative is to pay very close attention to the reward restrictions and never allow a user to be in a situation where they could claim this reward when the internal rewards are not claimable.

Reward Logic