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Goal UpgradeCurrenciesWithTagsGoal
Description A Goal that is complete when the player gets a certain number of upgrades for one or more Upgradeable Currencies.
Example Upgrade 2 Rare Cards
Inheritance UpgradeGoal
Target The target Upgradeable Currencies are specified with one or more Tag Ids via UpgradeCurrenciesWithTagsGoalData.TagConsumerData. At runtime, these Tag Ids are resolved into one or more Upgradeable Currencies. The UpgradeCurrenciesWithTagsGoalData.tagConsumerData.TargetAll flag is used to specify whether a target Upgradeable Currency needs to contain all or just one of the specified Tag Ids.
Target Amount The cumulative number of upgrades the player must make to the target Upgradeable Currencies after which the Goal is complete. Specified via UpgradeCurrenciesWithTagsGoalData.Amount.
Progression Each time the player upgrades a target Upgradeable Currency, the progression is incremented by 1.
Pre Activation Any upgrades to target Upgradeable Currency made prior to the Goal becoming active will not count toward its completion.
Remarks This Goal provides similar functionality to UpgradeAnyCurrencyGoal but allows for specific Upgradeable Currency to be targeted via Tags.