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Goal SpendCurrenciesWithTagsGoal
Description A Goal that is complete when the player spends a certain amount of the specified Currency or Currencies.
Example Spent 10 Common Cards
Inheritance SpendGoal
Target The target Currencies are specified with one or more Tag Ids via SpendCurrenciesWithTagsGoalData.TagConsumerData. At runtime, these Tag Ids are resolved into one or more Currencies. The SpendCurrenciesWithTagsGoalData.TagConsumerData.TargetAllTags flag is used to specify whether a target Currency needs to contain all or just one of the specified Tag Ids.
Target Amount The total amount of Currency that the player must spend to complete the Goal. If multiple Currencies are specified via the target Tag Ids then it is the cumulative spend between all of these Currencies. Specified via SpendCurrenciesWithTagsGoalData.Amount.
Progression Each time the player spends any of the target Currencies the progression is incremented by the number of units of Currency spent.
Pre Activation Any Currency spent prior to the Goal becoming active will not count toward it's completion.
Remarks Extends the base SpendGoal by implementing SpendGoal.IsEligible to check for any currency that contains the Tag Ids specified in SpendCurrenciesWithTagsGoalData.