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Goal MakeTradeTypeGoal
Description A Goal that is complete when a targeted Trade has been made by the player.
Example Make a Missing Resources Exchange
Inheritance MakeTradeGoal
Target Any Trade with the target StaticDataId that matches the Id specified via MakeTradeTypeGoal.TradeId will be targeted.
Target Amount The number of times the target Trade must be made by the player to complete the Goal, usually 1. Specified via MakeTradeTypeGoal.Amount.
Progression Each time the player accepts the targeted Trade, the progression is incremented by 1. Once the target amount is met, the Goal is complete.
Pre Activation Any Trades made prior to the Goal becoming active will not count toward its completion.
Remarks Extends MakeTradeGoal by implementing MakeTradeGoal.IsEligible to check that the Trade argument passed has the same StaticDataId as the one specified in MakeTradeTypeGoalData.