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Goal GetUpgradesForCurrencyTypeGoal
Description A Goal that is complete when the player upgrades any instances of an Upgradeable Currency with a specific StaticDataId.
Example Upgrade Cory to Level 3
Inheritance Goal
Target The target Upgradeable Currency is specified by it's StaticDataId via GetUpgradesForCurrencyTypeGoalData.CurrencyId
Target Amount The number of upgrades that must be made to the Upgradeable Currency. Specified via GetUpgradesForCurrencyTypeGoalData.Amount.
Progression Each time the player upgrades the target Upgradeable Currency, the progress of the Goal will be set to the level of the Upgradeable Currency. Once the target amount is met, the Goal is complete.
Pre Activation Levels of Upgradeable Currency that have been reached due to upgrades prior to the Goal becoming active will still count towards the Goal progress.