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Goal GetGeneratorUnitsForGeneratorsGoal
Description A Goal that is complete when the player buys a certain number of units for a specified number of Generators.
Example Get 1000 customers for 3 businesses
Inheritance Goal
Target Any active Generator within the current Stage.
Target Amount This Goal has two Target Amounts. The first is the number of customers that each Generator must exceed, specified via GetGeneratorUnitsForGeneratorsGoalData.Amount. The second is the number of Generator that must reach that number of customers, specified via GetGeneratorUnitsForGeneratorsGoalData.GeneratorAmount
Progression The Goal progresses by 1 whenever a Generator reaches the target number of units until the specified number of Generators have reached that many customers, at which point the Goal is complete.
Pre Activation Generator units that have been accumulated before the Goal becomes active will count towards the target.
Post Activation Generators that are purchased by the player after the Goal becomes active will still be eligible for contribution toward the target.