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Goal DynamicCollectCurrenciesWithTagsGoal
Description A Goal that is complete when the player collects a dynamically calculated number of units of one or more Currencies. This allows designers to create Goals that require the player to idle for an approximate period of time.
Example Collect 100 Common Cards
Inheritance DynamicCollectGoal
Target The target Currencies are specified with one or more Tag Ids via DynamicCollectCurrenciesWithTagsGoal.TargetTagDatas. At runtime, these Tag Ids are resolved into one or more Currencies. The DynamicCollectCurrenciesWithTagsGoal.TargetAllTags flag is used to specify whether a target Currency needs to contain all or just one of the specified Tag Ids.
Target Amount The target amount is calculated based on the sum of the payout-per-millisecond of each currently automated Generator multiplied by the number of seconds specified via DynamicCollectCurrenciesWithTagsGoalData.Amount. For example, if the player had two automated generators each outputting a payout-per-millisecond of 5 and 7,200 as the number of seconds (2 hours), the Goal would require the player to collect 36,000,000‬ units of the specified Currency. If no Generators are automated, the target is based on the average payout-per-millisecond of each purchased Generator.
Progression Each time the player collects units of the target Currencies, the Goal is progressed by the number of collected units.
Post Activation Only units of Currencies collected after the Goal becomes active count towards the progress of the Goal. The target amount of the Goal will not vary after it becomes active (ie. Generators automated after the Goal activation will have no effect on the target).
Remarks Because it is likely that the player will automate more Generators or hit more Generator Unit Targets" while the Goal is active, it is likely the player will complete the Goal before the exact number of seconds specified via DynamicCollectCurrencyTypeGoalData.Amount has elapsed.