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Goal CollectCurrencyTypeGoal
Description A Goal that is complete when the player accumulates a certain number of units of one or more instances of a specified Currency type.
Example Get 50 Liqour
Inheritance CollectGoal
Target Any Currency with a StaticDataId that matches the Id specified via CollectCurrencyTypeGoalData.CurrencyId will be targeted by the Goal.
Target Amount The amount of Currency the player must collect.
Progression Each time the player collects units of the target Currency, the Goal is progressed by the number of collected units. For example, if the player collected 100 units of Soft Currency, and the Goal was targeting instances of that Currency type, the progress would be incremented by 100. This continues until the target amount has been reached, at which point the Goal is complete.
Post Activation Only Currency collected after the Goal has become active counts towards the progression of the Goal.